SITEH3RO™ Ultimate Kit

Product Description

The ideal all-round solution for quick, easy metalworking, on any site. As our most comprehensive kit yet, the SITEH3RO™ Ultimate Kit contains everything you need to cut, thread, align and expand holes in metal. With 3 step drills, 3 step reamers. 3 car reamers and 3 taps, covering all common requirements, you’ll never be come up short on site again.

Featuring our unique SITEH3RO™ coating, these tools guarantee up to 75% longer life on even the toughest applications. Designed to seamlessly fit into your impact wrench with our exclusive SITEH3RO tool holder, you can quickly and easily switch between tools, working in tight spaces without heavy machinery.

Key Features
  • Our biggest SITEH3RO™ kit, designed to cover all bases
  • Up to 75% longer tool life with our exclusive SITEH3RO™ coating
  • Align, Thread, Expand and Drill New Holes
  • Kit solutions for all essential metal fabrication requirements
Technical Specification