Ideal For Aligning, Expanding & Cleaning Out Holes On Site.

    Our Car and Step Reamers incorporate a spiral flute design and Black Oxide treatment for optimal efficiency and longevity.

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Designed for aligning and enlarging holes in metal, reamers are a key tool on worksites across the world. Reamers play a pivotal role in the industrial machining process, adept at achieving high levels of dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and concentricity in boreholes. By removing excess material and refining diameters to exact specifications, reamers ensure tight fits, reduced friction, and enhanced functionality for critical components.

Our range includes both car reamers and step reamers, with a variety of sizes to ensure you’re covered on any job.






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Reamers FAQ’s

  • What Is A Reamer?

    Reamers are specialized rotary cutting tools used for the precise enlargement and alignment of holes, often manufactured from High Speed Steel (HSS),


  • Does A Reamer Tool Have To Be Used On A Pre-drilled Hole?

    Reamers are not intended to drill new holes themselves, rather they are used to either enlarge existing holes and produce clean walls within the hole, leading to an polished finish. Reamers are the best option when maintaining tolerances on hole diameters that are tighter than +/- 0.002″.

  • Why Should I Use A Reamer?

    Reamers are a quick way to complete a hole and particularly practical in comparison to other fine-tuning techniques like boring. They are not intended to move the hole’s position. In fact, they frequently have long shanks with a straight flute, allowing them to gently deflect to ensure that they fall into the hole. Instead, they are designed to improve the surface polish, roundness, and hole size swiftly and easily.