Quick, Cool, Cuts, No Matter What.

    Designed to produce clean, cool cuts in a variety of different metal surfaces.

Quick, Clean, Cool Cuts.

Our chop saw and metal cutting blades are ideal for cutting through a variety of different metals. The Unibor 14″ Chop Saw is designed to make quick, repeated cuts in a variety of metal stock, including box section, angle iron and more. Combined with its powerful motor, chip collection chamber and safety features, the Unibor 14″ Chop Saw has become a mainstay of metal fabrication workshops and construction sites around the world.

However, the 14″ Chop Saw particularly shines when used alongside our range of cermet-tipped metal cutting blades, available in designs ready to cut Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Multi-Purpose. Lasting up to 20 times longer than traditional abrasive discs and up to 40% better life than TCT blades, our cermet-tipped blades are ideal for producing cold, relatively burr-free cuts with minimal vibration, even when used on tough metals.



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