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    Manufactured from extremely tough HSS, our countersinks feature smooth chamfering and a high surface finish for optimal performance.
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Countersink FAQ’s

  • Why Do We Countersink?

    Countersinking is important as it provides a number of different benefits to a project. Mainly they are used for deburring holes and avoiding a protruding screw head by creating a conical shape for the screw to fix flush,


  • How Can I Avoid Chatter When Countersinking?

    When using countersink cutters, it can frequently be challenging to prevent chatter. As is customary in machining, the setup is best when it is both shorter and more stiff. Better-quality fluted countersink cutters occasionally have irregularly pitched flutes, or at least one flute.

    By changing the pitch, the cutting edges are less likely to create an undulating surface by initiating a harmonic movement.