14″ Unibor Cermet Aluminium Blade


Product Description

Featuring cermet tips for a cool, clean cut with minimal vibration, these sawblades are capable of producing accurate cuts with virtually no sparks or burr. Lasting up to 20 times longer than a conventional abrasive disc and up to 40 percent longer than comparable TCT blades, this blade uses a triple chip design for added durability. Ideal for cutting through various kinds of aluminum stock. With 80T teeth and a bore of 25.4mm, this sawblade is ideal for any workshop.

Key Features
  • Lasts up to 20 times longer than conventional abrasive discs
  • Up to 40% better life than TCT blades
  • Triple chip design for added durability
  • Produces a clean, cool cut with minimal sparks and vibrations.
  • 80 teeth with a 1" bore.
Technical Specification

Technical Specification


Cermet Tipped HSS



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