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Who Are Unibor?


    As the American brand of Sheffield-based OSL Cutting Technologies, Unibor is based just outside of Chicago, with warehouses in California and Texas.

    With a highly experienced team and clear company culture, Unibor is able to produce high-quality magnetic drills (and related equipment) without compromising on their core values. Placing strong emphasis on their people by closely monitoring supplier factories, Unibor ensure that they champion fair wages and humane working conditions at all levels of the supply chain.

    Aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030, the company has ambitious goals regarding sustainability. By working to reduce waste and manage natural resources efficiently through improved logistics, as well as investing in renewable energy, Unibor intends to help lead the industry towards environmentally-responsible practices and support development of sustainable technologies.

    By investing in growth strategically, the organization is able to develop their personnel and push market boundaries even further.

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Professional Performance, Unbeatable Value

Unibor’s magnetic drill range leads the market in producing innovative, quality machines at reasonable prices. Their Commando series contains different all-round drilling devices, offering fantastic value for a wide variety of different users; from professional to DIY, these drills are a fantastic addition to any workshop.

As well as this, the Professional Series takes the excellent benefits of the Commando range and enhances them, introducing industry-leading technology and unique design to produce the ultimate professional standard in magnetic drills. This technology is available in their specialist machines, through which Unibor provides equipment for specialized environments to ensure that performance can be maintained in even the most challenging conditions.


The Industry Standard

Unibor has cemented itself as an integral part of numerous different industries through their consistent production of durable, reliable and quality products. Through sustained market leadership and close collaboration with the steel fabrication industry, Unibor has developed a uniquely close insight into the needs of its stakeholders, producing goods to meet their specific needs.

As well as this, the customer-centric focus of Unibor is reflected by their production of specialized goods aimed at providing high-performance operations to the most challenging environments in industries such as oil and gas drilling. This emphasis on the end user extends even further, with the construction industry utilizing Unibor products across the world, relying on their power and reliability to complete complex, large-scale projects.