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Keeping your cutters sharp and in good working order is essential to getting quality performance and value for money, in this short guide we’re going to look at how you can maintain annular cutters for a as long as possible with some quick, easy tips.

What Are Annular Cutters?

An annular cutter is a type of cutting tool used for metalworking applications. It is also known as a core drill, magnetic drill bit or rotabroach cutter. Annular cutters are a hollow, cylindrical drill bit with multiple cutting teeth around their circumference. These cutting teeth remove a ring-shaped section of metal from the workpiece, leaving a solid core in the centre.

These cutters are commonly used in industrial and construction settings for repeatedly drilling large diameter holes in metals such as steel, aluminium, and cast iron. They are typically used in magnetic drilling machines or drill presses that provide the necessary power and stability for the cutting process. Annular cutters are known for their speed, accuracy, and efficiency, and are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit different drilling applications.

Annular cutters come in a variety of different materials, each designed to take on different materials.

See our range of M2 HSS annular cutters here.

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Why is it important to maintain annular cutters?

Maintaining annular cutters is key for multiple reasons, including; prolonging their lifespan, improving their cutting performance, reducing risk of accidents and finally to save money on replacement cutters.

How do you clean annular cutters properly?

Keeping annular cutters clean is essential to maximising their tool life and getting a clean finish on the workpiece. To properly clean an annular cutter, remove any metal chips and debris, use a soft-bristled brush and non-corrosive cleaning solution to clean, then thoroughly dry the cutter to avoid potential rusting.

How do you lubricate annular cutters?

Lubricating annular cutters is essential, this reduces the friction on the cutter during use and the amount of heat generated from cutting. Proper lubricant will therefore help to prolong cutter lifespan and reduce overall motor wear.

How should you store annular cutters?

Annular cutters should be stored in a dry, moisture-free environment to avoid rusting, and not be exposed to corrosive elements. Keeping the cutters in their original packaging when not in use is a good way to keep them in good working condition.

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